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12TH OCTOBER 2017 - 14TH DECEMBER 2017


The competition takes place on 1/2 field every Thursday evening from 6:50pm with games being 40 minutes total, allowing NO time for half time changeover. The latest game will start at 8:20pm. The competition is a 6 a-side competition with a minimum of 4 players to take the field to start each game.

There is also a minimum of 2 females per team on the field at all times, unless prior approval has been granted. All players MUST wear shin pads & a mouth guard at all times when playing or they may not be allowed to take the field. We also do allow for kicking fullbacks, however please refer to the rules below for full details on this.

2017 Rules have slightly been amended from the 2016 summer hockey competition, so please take some time to read through these before entering your team into the 2017 competition. A few amendments include but are not limited to:

         * NO HITTING - Players can push, slap or sweep at the ball only.

         * Lifting/Jinking the ball -  To the umpires discretion on danger /and or as long as it is below the knee

         * PC - All shots are to hit the backboard - even deflections!

         * Goal points - 

                                              (i)         Field goal from within the shooting zone and penalty goals      3 goals

                                             (ii)        Field goal inside the shooting zone by a representative player  2 goals

                                            (iii)       Field goal outside the shooting zone (over halfway)                     1 goal

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